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5 Rules on Selecting Rack Oven

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What should I buy for my first rack oven? This question has always been a tough one for roasters: trying to do it all at once, but afraid of wasting the rotary oven later.


We can see different kinds of ovens like rack oven, deck ovens and convection oven. So how do you pick the rack oven? Today we're going to look at what types of ovens are in he market, and does your rack oven meet the requirements in baking?

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Rule number one: don't be too small

A lot of novice just begin "enter pit" when can thinking "still do not know to be able to hold to how long", think of hard to avoid so buy a small oven to try to enter water first. A few mini-ovens have emerged: inexpensive, with a capacity of about 10L and a slightly cuddly shape.


Rule number two: choose size of rotary oven according to number of people

The number of people in a household is important for the choice of oven capacity. General 3 4 family, the oven that chooses 33L left and right sides is complete enough. Generally speaking, the oven function of 33L above also can compare comprehensive, to the person that enter a field at the beginning, already enough show one's skill greatly.


The rack rotary oven with bigger capacity, temperature is more stable, heat pipe also has certain distance from food, for example bake Qifeng had better want to use big oven, so bake come out "level" the possibility is more stable. Accordingly, want in the home only receive a space to allow, use oven frequent also taller word, still should choose the oven of 33L above.


Rule number three: constant temperature function is indispensable

Buy oven, first selection should choose to have constant temperature function. At present domestic oven can generally independently regulate the temperature between 30 ~ 250 ℃. Some 30 ℃ temperature rack oven transferred to also won't rise, so the oven can be used to ferment. When you're making bread, you don't have to worry about the cold and the fermentation.


Rule number four: fire control features are also a plus

Fire control is another best feature. Current rack oven has go up commonly heat, next heat and up and down heat 3 kinds of choices. However, different brands of different styles of rake oven in the work, the temperature will vary. For example, mechanical oven, in the regulation of time and temperature is more difficult to grasp. And the oven of a few electron control, time and temperature can accurate control, this is more convenient to baking hobbyist.


Rule number five: hot air circulation improves baking success

To buy rack oven, conditional should choose to take the oven that hot wind circulates as far as possible. This feature is useful for certain types of pastry.


The above is the rule we chose rack oven, I hope to help everyone. For more information, please visit our website.

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