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An Introduction about Bread Improver in Cake Production Line

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In the making process of cake production line, bread improver is necessary. So, what is bread improver? How does bread improver work in bread production line? Here is a brief introduction about bread improver in cake production line(mainly consists of tunnel oven, spiral cooling tower, and dough fermentation room).

Cake Production Line

1. Problems encountered in the cake production line and pastry enterprises

The first is the quality of flour. Baker can not control the quality of flour, only through the control of the production process, that is, the addition of improver to improve the stability of flour in the production process and the quality of bread.

The second is the aging of wheat starch, namely starch retrogradation. After the bread comes out of the oven, the starch begins its aging process. Chinese noodles, such as steamed buns, will also face aging, dry and hard hair, rough tissue and other problems in the production.

These factors will affect the quality of flour products, so the effective improver has become the first choice of many bread bakers.

2.The improver in bread, steamed bread production

A. The dough modifier can effectively improve the stability of the dough in the bakery production line process, such as improving the dough's stirring resistance and improving the stability of the dough in the fermentation process.

B. Dough improver can improve the expansion of dough, mainly in the volume of the finished product, and improve the homogeneity of the finished product.

C. The dough improver will keep the softness of the finished product for a long time.

Bread improver specific performance in biscuit production line:

1. Increase the volume (expansion) by comparing the volume of bread made from dough toast.

The improvers can increase the binding between gluten proteins, making the gluten tissue more dense, thus maintaining more of the gas produced by yeast fermentation, and making the tissue more delicate and expansible during baking. The improver can increase the dough elongation so that the dough is easy to stretch, the baking gas is heated, improve the color effect of bread. (left unmodified bread light color, right added after golden)

2.The amylase in the bread improver in cookie production line will hydrolyze the starch in the flour to dextrin or small molecule starch, and then after the other enzymes in the flour or yeast effect to produce reducing sugar, reducing sugar in the heat and protein reaction to produce color.

3. Increase the stability of the dough (especially in the industrial production, the bread is unstable and prone to collapse)

The ingredients in the bread improvers will strengthen the gluten network structure, making the dough more stable during stirring and less prone to excessive stirring. In the fermentation stage, the gas generated can be more stable wrapped in the dough structure and less prone to air leakage. The bread quality can be maintained to the maximum under various operating conditions.

4. Mechanical operation of the dough (the dough is easy to be beaten and adheres to the beating equipment and operation platform)

Embodied in the dough in the mechanical operation requirement when the dough is hard, elastic, surface drying, otherwise the mechanical forming, transportation, segmentation process will produce glue machine, the dough is not easy molding is too soft, bread improver can strengthen the dough thews, make the dough is elastic, and can make the dough surface dry, do not glue machine, easy to operate.

5. To improve the internal organization (even organization) of bread cost in bakery production line, bread cross section pictures were used for comparison.

6.Anti-aging (extend the shelf life) using pressure curve

7. The softness of bread tissue was compared with the picture by bread tissue (bread placed for 24 hours) pressure weight.

Soft bread is user of the more important factors to consider: first bread gluten structure is close friends certainly, organization is exquisite, the protein to form ideal can save more water (form good protein is a polymer, can save the water), which is why less than mixer, excessive or insufficient fermentation, and the reason of excessive bread aging; Secondly, the function of enzyme in the improver can decompose the starch structure, which makes the starch not easy to regenerate. Moreover, emulsifier can also combine with starch to change starch structure and slow down starch regeneration.

8. Improve the crispness of the epidermis in bread production line 

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