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BD-50L 50L Commercial Planetary Mixer For Toast

1. New model heavy-duty timing belt transmission with planetary action.

2. User-friendly three-fixed-speed.

3. Speed shifted by clutch transmission system.

4. Non-stop shifting speed for light products.

5. Thickened alloy steel gears heat-treated.

6. Slight noise and low shaking moment.

7. Multi-function: kneading, mixing, and foaming.

8. Refined body designed to be easily cleaned and maintained.
  • BD-50L

BD-50L 50L Commercial Planetary Mixer For Toast

1. Subject motor of sufficient power and speed make fine gluten dough with limited heat and efficient output which satisfies the needs of baking bread.

2. Three different accessories offer comprehensive satisfied mixing result on the products of dough, cake, salad, cream and various paste.

3. Surface layer coated with polish lacquer is easy to clean and to stay new.

4. Our mixer is planetary gears which are driven by long-lasting, low abrasion timing belt by linkage to the motor drive shaft. This design provides high-torque mixing power without the damage to the parts from direct transmission. So the maintenance is simple and easy at low cost.

5. For the light load of products, such as cake, cream, and salad, it can shift speed without turning off power first.

6. With the 360 degree rotation of shifting gear level and clutch transmission, gears are free from getting stuck while changing speed. It is new-starter-friendly.

Model Bucket Capacity (L) Voltage (V) Power (kw) Dimension (mm) N.W. (kg)
BD-50L 50 220 / 380 1.5 730*660*1180 217

CE Certificate

dough mixer ce certificate



1. Stainless steel 304 bucket

2. Spiral type hook

3. Flat beater

4. Wire whip

5. Silver color (if you want to change it into white, please kindly tell us)


1. Wire safety guard

2. Overload device (standard item for mixer equipped with safety guard)

3. Inverter

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