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BD-5L 5L Commercial Full Automatic Electric Cake Mixer

1. Using three-speed design, large power and high speed, can mix large bubble into the batter evenly, so that the cake is of high expansion rate after it's baked.

2. The speed can be adjusted to meet with different need.

3. Using star gear design, the rotating shaft and gears are processed with special heat treatment, so that it's low noise and durable.

4. Using imported accessories, to ensure stable function and minimum system failure, so as to increase the service life.
  • BD-5L

BD-5L 5L Commercial Full Automatic Electric Cake Mixer

1. Easy to carry and operate.

2. Safe and easy to clean.

3. Can be used in kitchen to prepare batter quickly.

Model Bucket Capacity (L) Voltage (V) Power (kw) Dimension (mm) N.W. (kg)
BD-5L 5 220 0.3 370*230*410 26

CE Certificate

dough mixer ce certificate



1. Stainless steel 304 bucket

2. Wire whip

5. White color (if you want to change it into other colors, please kindly tell us)


1. Wire safety guard

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