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BDF-L36C 36 Trays Automatic Electric Freezing Dough Proofer

1. Equipped with full automatic microcomputer control panel, digital display, reflect the temperature of the proofer chamber accurately.

2. Full stainless steel structure, very durable.

3. Using German brand temperature and hudmidity sensor, .

4. Can be used for refrigeration, freezing and fermentation.

5. Equipped with a drainage device, easy to clean and ensure food hygiene.

6. Big glass door design, beautiful shape, easy to observe the effect of fermentation.
  • BDF-L36C

BDF-L36C 36 Trays Automatic Electric Freezing Dough Proofer

1. It is used in the dough final fermentation process.

2. The fermentation temperature can be controlled from 15 to 38 degree Celsius. It shortens fermentation time.

3. The refrigeration temperature is -15 degree Celsius.

4. It provides an environment in which there are well-controlled temperature and humidity. In the process of fermentation, dough surface will remain resilient and will not become dried and thick.

ModelTraysDegree Range (℃)Voltage (V)Power (kw)Dimension (mm)N.W. (kg)
15 ~ 38


1. Stainless steel structure.

2. Single door.

3. 4 wheels at the bottom.


1. Double door.

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