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BDR-40HF Gas Pizza Deck Oven With Dough Fermentation

1. The probing system is sophisticatedly design to adjust the temperature.

2. Ignition will consume the gas. Multi-protection will be switched on when the ignition fails.

3. Unique heat-resisting glasses and interior fire-resisting lights make it easier for the user to observe the situations inside the oven without opening the entry and with less energy emission.

4.Independently designed timer and buzzer make the user easily have a time control to finish the product.

5. Best to toast because even temperature and quicker heating up.

6. It is suitable for supermarket, school, studio, and bakeries.

7. Heating methods can be replaced with nature gas or LPG.
  • BDR-40HF

BDR-40HF Gas Pizza Deck Oven With Dough Fermentation

1. Stainless steel surface guarantees long service life.

2. Mini computer control panel can provide user a lot of convenience.

3. Each deck is of proper thickness and of good quality to preserve temperature, the features of which are energy-saving, quick-heating, and heated balancedly.

4. Far infrared quartz heating tube can increase the temperature quickly.

5. Design for baking and dough fermentation at the same time.

6. 2 trays per deck.

ModelDeck * TrayTray Size (mm)Voltage (V)Power (kw)Dimension (mm)N.W. (kg)
2 * 2
4 * 2


1. Stainless steel surface.

2. Mini computer control pannel.

3. Far infrared quartz heating tube.

4. Exhaust hood.

5. The bottom fermentation. ( 1 deck / 2 deck oven )


1. (-S) Steam / deck

2. (-F) Flate Slate / deck

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