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BDS-20Q Gas 3 Trays Tunnel Oven For Cupcake

1. Critical conponents such as ignitor is made in Japan,PLC control is made by Siemens.

2. Each tunnel oven is tailor-made according to customers'product and capacity requirement.

3. Each tunnel oven has 3 temperature control zones:
  - Incoming heating up zone
  - Middle baking zone
  - Outgoing colouring zone
  Each zone has independent thermostat.

4. For gas tunnel oven,each burner can be switched on or off while other burner are woking.
  Total heat output can be changed according to product requirement.

5. Setting and indication are done at PLC monitor, they include:
  - 3-zone top and bottom baking temperature
  - baking time
  - conveyor belt speed
  • BDS-20Q

BDS-20Q Gas 3 Trays Tunnel Oven For Cupcake

1. Stainless steel surface guarantees long service life.

2. Intelligent computer control interface provide great convenience for operator.

3. The temperature is average in oven, which help to bake products evenly.

4. Can go through 3 pcs of 600mm trays or 4 pcs of 400mm trays. 

5. To work out a quotation, we need following datas:
    - products to be baked
    - baking time of each product
    - baking temperature
    - tray size
    - required capacity per hour
    - heating source-gas or electricity
    - space available in width and length
    - other special requirement

Model Specification
Tray Size (mm) Voltage (V) Power (kw/m) Dimension (mm) N.W. (kg/m)
2 trays, *I: 2m
400*600 380 0.4

*I:    Inner Width
*C:  Customized Length

CE Certificate

Tunnel oven ce certificate

trolley 2


1. Material:         Stainless Steel 201

2. Thickness:      1.0 mm

3. Can hold:        32 trays

trolley 1

Baking Tray

1. Material:        Aluminum

2. Dimension:   400*600mm

3. Thickness:    Customized

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