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BDX-64C 64 Trays Diesel Rotary Rack Oven

1. The exterior is made of stainless steel.

2. Double-layer explosion-proof glass enables the users to know the interior changing and manipulate the time to finish the bakery.

3. The current-circulation is a unique design to reduce the loss in heat and balance the heat in food, which appear good to sell.

4. The floor panel can be elevated to suit the need of the cart.

5. With build-in ignitor made in Japan, this oven is energy-saving and is a unique design in China.

6. Heat exchanger is separately-design, easy to repair. Heat exchanger is made of special material, heat-absorbing and heat-resist, and free from deforming and fraction. Heat current will be recycled to produce heat much higher.
  • BDX-64C

BDX-64C 64 Trays Diesel Rotary Rack Oven

1.Evenly baking, good performance, high thermal efficiency. 

2. Suitable for baking pastry, bread, cake, biscuit, cookie, mooncake and etc.

3. Can bake 64 pcs of 400*600mm trays at the same time.

Model Power Source
Tray Size (mm) Voltage (V) Power (kw) Dimension (mm) N.W. (kg)
BDX-64C Diesel
400*600 380 5.5
3095*2055*2460 2880

CE Certificate

rotary oven ce certificate

trolley 2


1. Material:         Stainless Steel 201

2. Thickness:      1.0 mm

3. Can hold:        32 trays

trolley 1

Baking Tray

1. Material:        Aluminum

2. Dimension:   400*600mm

3. Thickness:    Customized

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