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Gas Rotary Rack Oven For Toast

Gas Rotary Rack Oven For Toast
  • BDX-32Q
Gas Rotary Rack Oven  For Toast

Technical Paremeter

Power supply Model speceficates Voltage Power Dimension Weight
Diesel BDX-32C 32trays, standard tray size:600*400mm 380V 3.5KW 2600*1660*2400mm 2050kg
Electric BDX-32D 32trays, standard tray size:600*400mm 380V 52KW 2600*1660*2400mm 2000kg
Gas BDX-32Q 32trays, standard tray size:600*400mm 380V 3.5KW 2600*1660*2400mm 2080kg
Diesel BDX-64C 64trays, standard tray size:600*400mm 380V 5.5KW 3096*2055*2460mm 2880kg
Electric BDX-64D 64trays, standard tray size:600*400mm 380V 68KW 3096*2055*2460mm 2750kg
Gas BDX-64Q 64trays, standard tray size:600*400mm 380V 5.5KW 3096*2055*2460mm 2910kg


1.Imorted Main accessories, domestic assembled
2.Heating system:high efficiency hot wind circulation system, Using im ported heating tube ,heating, evenly
3.Heating exchanger,Using special im ported stainless steel materials,quickly heating,lo nger service life, Italy and Japan im ported burner ,energy efficiency,low waste emissions, critical electrical parts im ported form France,Japan,Italy. to eusure the products' durability and stability 
4.Air exit: Unquie design of three ways 7 segment ,very easy to adjust the baking effect.
5.Rotary oven has large baking capacity, Customers can according to your requirements to choose differenct source type (electric ,gas or diesel )
6.Durability:Co ntrol panel is separate from oven body ,heat insulation, low faliure, more durable.

Suitable for baking bread, mooncake, baguette, pie ,toast, pastry , biscuit ,buns, hamburger,dinner rolls,varied dessert  and so on,it's the best choice for hotels , resturant, bars, supermarket, bakery,schoolsc,and  food factory.


imported Japan OLYMPIA Burner, with high quality, energy efficiency, low waste emissions.

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5.1year warranty

about the product warranty

The products' warranty period is within one year from the date of the B/L on board to calculate, free offer accessories(except burner, motor and glass cloth),unless by the force majeure factors or artificial damage, the specific decision through the photos. If the machine has any problem, our sales will be responsible for following up until your problem to be solved

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Guangzhou BOSSDA mechanical equipment CO.,Ltd, is research and development ,production,sales as one of professio nal food machinery manufacturers .The company through the introduction of Europe,United States,Taiwan,Japan and other advanced technology and equipment,combine with the company for many years engaged in baking insdutry experience ,and has an excellent team of designers and engnieers ,sucessfully create''Bossda",a new leadship brand. "Bossda" brand mainly produces danish dough sheeter ,spiral mixer,planetary mixer,block machine,slicing machine,forming machine,grouting machine and tunnel oven,rotary furnace any layer electric oven,stove,proofing boxes and other baking series of products, Force to the brand are exported to Aisa,Africa,South America,Europe,Middle East etc, more than 60 countries and regions, deeply favored by domestic and foreign custmoers "Bossda" machinery uphold the "Hearts into it, customer first,keep improving,quality first '' business purpose,follow the internatio nal development ,and co ntinuosly explore,to create the leading brand of equipment as the goal,Committed to the development of the natio nal baking machine, Welcome people from inland and abroad to negotiate the business and cooperate with us,We will spare no effort to create resplendence together,your support is our biggest sucess, BOSSDA machinery and equipment ,your best choice !

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