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Get to Know Fermentation Process of Dough Fermentation Room

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Dough fermentation room plays an important role in the making process of bread, biscuit and cake of cake production line. Like spiral cooling tower and rack oven, all of them requires different using skills. So, before using the dough fermentation room, you need to know fermentation process of dough fermentation room?

Dough Fermentation Room

Find out the purpose of fermentation dough fermentation room of first

Mechanical damage can be made to the inside and surface of the dough during cutting and rounding. After the round face block will also make the internal tension, can be called processing hardening phenomenon. To relax the structure of the dough, to reduce the hardening caused by machining, and to revive the damaged dough by awakening. Most of the baked goods require a relaxation process after mechanical processing, so it does not necessarily have any special significance for the fermentation of yeast.

Intermediate awakening of dough fermentation room, also known as intermediate stasis, has the following three purposes:

1.Dough deforms when subjected to mechanical forces during cutting and rounding. Rolling of dough blocks is in a state of tension and hardening and should be relaxed in the middle;

2. There is very little gas content inside the dough block after rubbing, and it will be unable to be extended due to great elasticity during further shaping processing. Wake up after the internal production of gas, adjust the gluten network structure, increase the plasticity, easy plastic;

3. Make the extremely thin skin layer in the state of tension will not adhere to the calender roll during the shaping process.

Decide dough fermentation room's temperature

Wake up hair is usually in 28 ~ 29 ℃ temperature and relative humidity 70 ~ 75% under the conditions. The waking time of staple bread dough is about 10 ~ 12 minutes, that of fancy bread is about 12 ~ 17 minutes, and that of hard bread is about 15 ~ 20 minutes. The middle wake up environment is generally in the room temperature environment, most of them are dependent on the surface of the block itself temperature and water evaporation to adjust in the dough fermentation room. However, if the ambient temperature is too low, it is required to be well sealed to prevent a drop in temperature and humidity. Also pay attention to cooling in summer. Otherwise, the dough surface will appear soft, dry and other adverse factors.

To determine the degree of awakening, the main observation is the expansion of dough volume. Usually with the volume of the round as the base. If the original volume of 1.7 to 2 times, can be considered to be appropriate degree. Assuming insufficient volume expansion, the extensibility of the surface block is relatively poor. Such as excessive expansion in the molding will be rapid hair, easy to cause skin cracking.

Wake up hair also called finally woke up hair or the final fermentation of dough fermentation room, after bread billet mold plastic after send the dough into up hair chamber wake, wake up hair temperature around 35 ℃ to 40 ℃, time of 30 to 60 minutes, 80-90% relative humidity, up after volume increased to wake it is advisable to send two times before. In the wake of the development stage, can be a few procedures before the errors occurred to remedy, but if the wake of errors, there is no way to recover, can only produce a very poor quality of bread products. Therefore, you should be careful about the waking phase.

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