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Have You Ever Thought of How Cake Production Line Works?

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Everyone has tasted delicious cake which is made from cake production line. But have you ever thought of how cake production line works?


What is the line work? And what’s the differences between cake production line and traditional home-made cake?


 Here are the content list:


  • What is the production ?

  • Advantages of cake production line?

  • How does the cake production line work with cake?


What is the production ?


Now the kinds of small snacks on market have increased quickly. Every time when we go out, we will be puzzled. Just take the biscuit for example, is a variety of very much, not only is now the taste of a lot of new, plus a lot of western dessert flavor. And the shape is also a lot of innovation.


Now, lots of biscuit have make from biscuit production line. The biscuit production line, also known as the cookie production line, is an industrial production method in which each production unit focuses on a particular segment of work to improve efficiency and output. According to the pipeline transport mode can be roughly divided into: belt assembly line, plate chain line, double speed chain, plug-in line, net belt line, suspension line and roller assembly line seven types of assembly line. And their main parts are tunnel ovenspiral cooling tower, and dough fermentation room



Advantages of cake production line


1. Integrate the production process, and arrange a variety of stations on the assembly line to meet the production needs;


2. High scalability, able to design assembly lines in line with production requirements according to factory requirements;


3. Saving the production cost of the factory can save the number of biscuit production line workers to a certain extent and realize a certain degree of automatic production. The early investment is small and the return rate is high.

Pipeline form


How does the cake production line work with cake?


1. Place the cake


The machine here is not only suitable for "cream", but also "ice cream". First, the cake is placed on the falling path.


2. Sliced butter


Then the discharge pipe is stable out of the ice cream, the cake on both sides by the top of the small push plate push, the bottom of the trough wheel a turn, two pieces of cake on the way with a whole piece of ice cream


3. The conveyor belt


The cake is then pushed out of the trough wheel by the lower wheel, on the conveyor belt ready to be packaged


4. Food package


The sandwich cake should be wrapped separately before the packaging. When I was a child, my uncle and aunt who sold cakes in the vegetable market wrapped cakes. They used oil-paper, and their hands were very fast. And now, see industrialized assembly line is to decompose the link of the package directly, with the machine perfect implementation.


5.Packing into the box


You see so many assembly lines, the packaging of the link is very familiar. After the box is opened, the machine pushes the cake in, then packs it again.


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