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How to Ensure the Safety of Rack Oven?

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Bossda bakery equipment company reminds you that nowadays, most family owns a rack oven or a deck oven or a convection oven. In most cases, the rack oven can be stable and safe. But once there is something wrong with the rack oven, the potential danger can cause terrible results. And here are the tips that can help you to choose safe rack oven and use rotary oven properly. 

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1. Pay attention to cleanliness of rack oven

Wipe the inside and outside of the rack oven with a clean damp cloth to remove some dust. Then you can use the empty rotary oven to bake at high temperature for a while, sometimes white smoke may come out, which is a normal phenomenon. Pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation after baking.

2. Preheat the rack oven

Before baking any food, preheat to the specified temperature in order to meet the baking time on the recipe. Preheat oven needs 10 minutes about, if rotary oven preheat is empty, bake too long, also affect the service life of oven likely.

3. Be careful of the rack oven is heating, so as not to be scalded

In addition to the heat on the inside, the outside of the rack rotary oven and the glass door are also very hot, so be careful when opening or closing the rack oven door so you don't get burned by the glass door. When putting the baking pan into or out of the oven, use the handle. Do not touch the baking pan or food directly with your hands. Do not touch the heater or other parts of the furnace to avoid burns.

4.The oven must be placed in a ventilated place

Don't lean too far against the wall to dissipate heat. And oven had better not be put in the place that is close to water source, because working when oven whole temperature is very tall, if encounter water, can cause temperature difference.

Had better choose the rack oven that has toughened big vitreous door, such, bake food at a glance. There should be lighting inside so that you can keep an eye on the inside as you bake. As for the color, if there is a choice, I prefer to choose a stainless steel shell, which is easier to clean and will not explode the paint.

5.Try to choose a famous brand, so that maintenance and after-sales service are guaranteed.

6. The material must be safe

As a result of itself of face plate of oven glass after be heated, existence is certain since explode rate, inferior material still can release harmful material below high temperature, when choose and buy so, rotary oven material pledges cannot ignore. In this regard, big brand manufacturers often adopt the advanced production technology of explosion-proof layer + toughened glass layer + clean layer to ensure the safety of consumers through continuous technological innovation.

Finally, we need to pay attention to the noise, to ensure that the noise of the rack oven is very small and the key point to pay attention to when purchasing the oven.

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