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How to Keep Bread after Taking It from Rack Oven?

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Using rack oven, rotary rack oven or rotary rack oven, deck oven and convection oven and making bread is a leisure and relaxing activities for most families. A well-made bread always give family happy time. But how to keep bread for a long time after taking it from rack oven sometimes real become a problem for us. So, here is a method that teaches you to keep bread for a long time after taking it from rack oven.

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Bread has the shortest shelf life relative to most biscuits and cakes. Bread spoilage, generally is hard to become rough, moldy, stuffing rot, etc. The most common reason is the first: hard to become rough lead to poor taste. The cause of this change is the aging of starch. So. Try to extend the shelf life of bread becomes a problem for people.

How to extend the shelf life of bread from rack oven?

Although low temperature will accelerate the aging of starch, but when the temperature dropped below 0 degrees, the aging of starch greatly slowed down.

So, after putting the bread from the rotary oven in the bag, put it in the refrigerator freezer to be frozen to -18 degrees Celsius, can extend the shelf life of bread. When ready to eat, take it out, spray a little water on the surface of the bread and bake it again to defrost (oven temperature: 100-120 degrees, depending on the size of the bread), or defrost it in the microwave and bake it in the bake oven for a little while.

Bread can be frozen for about two weeks. However, it should be noted that only bread without filling, such as toast, croissants and crusts, is suitable for freezing preservation.

A few Q&A about bread

Q: why does my sweet bread harden in less than a day, even at room temperature? Isn't its shelf life 2-3 days?

A: the bread must be made in the right way. Making high quality bread is the prerequisite for long-term preservation. Bread should be fully kneaded, moisture content should not be too low, fermentation and baking with rack oven must be correct, so as to make 2-3 days taste will not change too much bread.

Q: why do some of the toast and sweet bread in supermarkets have a shelf life of 5-7 days?

A: commercially sold bread generally contains preservatives (such as calcium propionate), which can prevent bread from mildew, and bread improvers, which can improve bread structure and delay bread aging. Therefore, the shelf life of bread can be extended by 3-4 days. Home-made artisanal bread does not contain such additives and naturally has a much shorter shelf life.

Q: why does my bread become sticky after two days?

A: sticky interior is also A sign of bad bread. To reduce the chance of this happening, the bread must be thoroughly baked with rack oven. Toast bread in particular, often in the last few minutes of baking, the temperature of the bread center can reach 80 degrees, if the baking time in rotary rack oven is not enough, the interior can not be fully cooked, easy to rot.

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