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How to Keep the Clean of Rack Oven?

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In order to make, maintain and clean hygienic food, rack ovens, rotary ovens, bakeries and factories must be clean and safe.


In the process of making bread by rack oven, using a lot of sugar and oil is necessary. So, sometimes the cleanness of rack oven and deck oven and convection oven becomes a problem. Here are some methods to build a clean environment and kill the hiring insects.

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  • History

  • External entry prevention and Good operation standard




Bread first appeared 10,000 years ago, when a group of elderly people from West Asia planted wheat and barley. Around 3000 BC, the ancient Egyptians dominated bread fermentation technology. They found that the dough was placed in a warm place, a lot of fermenting yeast, fermentation, decomposition. This is the first bread in the world.

It is difficult to avoid a slight odor whenever frying in a baking tray. However, please believe the drawer, let yourself be free and lose your taste. This cannot be effectively alleviated. You can also put orange peel in the oven. Do not bake in a black oven) can remove some odors very effectively.

Consumers are reluctant to see a lot of things when they have their favorite dishes, that is, they find that the protein and lipid are very strong, and eventually force people to shrink. Appetite As a company that produces bread and candy, how do you avoid this phenomenon in the production process that consumers should eat? There are several methods:


External entry prevention and Good operation standard


1.External entry preventionClose the door behind you: make it a good habit to close the door behind you. The door leading to the workshop is usually closed to keep your rotary rack oven clean.

2. Mousetrap: the door leading to the warehouse and workshop is provided with mousetrap at a height of not less than 50cm, which tilts slightly from the inside to the outside to prevent rodents and insects from entering.

3. Curtain and air curtain: install plastic curtain on doors and Windows. The top is equipped with an upper air curtain, and the wind is blown from the inside out at an Angle of 30-45 degrees. Control flying insects flying in.


2. Internal breeding prevention law

1. Drosophila flies are easy to breed in the damp place of the workshop. The eggs of drosophila flies are usually placed between the floor and the wall. Kill the eggs.

2. Sealing and repairing the cracks between the ground and the wall or rack oven to make the worm eggs homeless.


3. Killing methods

1.Catching and killing method: sticky rat boards and rat cages are placed outside the workshop, warehouse and the outer ring of the workshop. Rodenticide, etc. Install fly lamp at the workshop and the entrance point. Cockroach house at the top and bottom of the machine, and on the ground where cockroaches roam.

2. Chemical killing method: after the workshop is finished, please ask the professional pest control company to spray medicine outside the rack oven to kill the pests.


Good operation standard

In the production process, the company has good operation specifications, which can effectively prevent pests from entering the food or rotary oven.

1.Unsealed raw materials can be sealed and preserved to effectively prevent pests from entering the raw materials.

2. Cover products that are not used temporarily in the production and processing process, which can effectively prevent insect pests from falling into.

3. The process of raw materials entering the warehouse is strictly in accordance with the logistics channel: de-outsourcing -- de-insourcing -- entering the production workshop, which can effectively prevent and control pests on outsourcing from entering the workshop.

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