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How to Operate Dough Sheeter Correctly and Safely?

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Dough sheeter which includes tabletop dough sheeter and vertical dough sheeter is also known as open pastry machine, dough sheeter machine, Denmark machine, leather press, etc. It is widely used in food processing plants, major supermarkets, bakery, pastry house, cake shop, etc., its main role is through repeated rolling, so that the dough becomes a multilayer uniform slice, soft uniform effect. The dough sheeter machine professional for the production of pastry, egg tart, pastry, Danish bread and other kinds of crisp food.


Dough Sheeter

Here to introduce the correct operation of the dough sheeter machine:

1. Before use, check whether all parts are in good condition and whether there is electricity leakage. Switch on and test run after everything is normal.

2. Clean the dough sheeter before use, wipe it clean with a dry cloth, put the oil into it according to the standard and heat it.

3. The conveying platform of the pastry lifter is not suitable for carrying or placing heavy objects.

4. The rolled dough should not be too hard (such as frozen dough), and the one-time pressure should not be too thin, otherwise it will affect the working stability and service life of the equipment. When the dough thickness is above 10mm, the pressure can be adjusted to be about 5mm thinner each time. When the dough thickness is between 5-10mm, it will decrease by about 2mm each time. When the dough thickness is within 5mm, it will decrease by about 1mm each time.

5. After the pastry winch has been running for 40 hours, please tighten the belt and chain again to the proper position to avoid transmission slipping and chain dropping.

6. After the pastry lifter runs for 80 hours, please oil the sprocket, chain and other transmission parts, and tighten the screws, nuts and other fasteners to avoid damage to the machine parts.

7. Keep clean and complete, bearing, belt, chain and other transmission parts can not be attached to flour, dust and other foreign matter, so as to avoid burning the bearing or accelerating wear.

8. If any abnormal sound is found during operation, the dough sheeter machine shall be shut down immediately. Maintenance personnel shall be responsible for maintenance.

9. Please use a cloth to clean the machine before going off work every day, but do not use a water pipe to rinse.

10. Make handover records of the third shift, and check before going to work.

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