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How to Prepare the Wonderful Dough before Put Bread in the Rack Oven?

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If you want to make delicious and wonderful bread by using rack oven, a well-made dough is necessary. Even you own a expensive rack oven or rotary oven or deck oven and convection oven, without well-prepared dough, the outwork of bread may still be common.

So, here are the tips that can guide you to make out the perfect dough before using rack oven.

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Yeast is one of the essential ingredients in making bread. Yeast can be classified into dry yeast, wet yeast and natural yeast.


There are many ways to mix bread, the most common one is the direct method. Later, in order to improve the taste of bread, the middle seed method, the post-salt method, the soup seed method, the old noodle method etc.

3.Basic fermentation

After mixing the dough, evenly pat the dough with your hands and bring the bottom in. Cover the dough with plastic wrap and let it rise for 40 to 50 minutes. This action is the basic fermentation or the first fermentation. The dough will expand to twice its size after fermentation.

4. Segmentation

After the basic fermentation is completed, the dough shall be divided into small pieces of the same size and weight, and it is recommended to use a cutting knife to divide the dough. Tearing by hand may cause the dough to become worse in expansion state. The cut dough has an irregular appearance, so the next step is to round it.

5. Rounded

Once the dough is rounded, it will have a smooth appearance. In addition to being a finished product, it will also be easier to shape it with less effort.

6.Intermediate fermentation

After the dough is round, the air is expelled from the inside. It has lost its softness and become very tight. In the secondary fermentation, the surface needs to be covered with a layer of plastic wrap or plastic bags to prevent water evaporation. Let stand for about 30 to 40 minutes, and visually test the dough to be twice as big as before shaping the dough.


The purpose of the shaping is to do the final shaping of the intermediate fermented dough before put it in the rack oven. The process of plastic surgery can give play to individual creativity, to create a new shape. The most common are round, oval, long, braid and so on.

Special care must be taken not to leave the dough on the palm of the hand for too long, or it will become softer and softer and affect the swelling force. After shaping the seam needs to be glued, otherwise it will be opened after baking.

8.Final fermentation

The final fermentation is intended for the same reason as the intermediate fermentation. Because the dough has been shaped and cut, the air is expelled and taut, so it needs to be allowed to rise again. Finally, put the dough into a rack rotary oven for fermentation, cover the surface with a plastic bag, and wait for about 30 minutes. After visually measuring the dough's expansion to twice its size, the dough can be sent to the oven for baking.


After the final fermentation, if you want to decorate, can be secant action. Secant lines are used primarily for styling and for good expansion of the dough. They are sometimes used in dough with filling to give the filling a slightly plastic appearance before put the dough in the rotary oven.

10.Bake with rack oven

Put the fermented dough in the rack oven, and it will make delicious bread. But there are still a lot of things to pay attention to before this, do not ignore the details and lead to failure.

Basically, the smaller, flatter and more elongated the bread, the higher the baking temperature will be, on the contrary, the larger, more moisture bread, baking temperature is slightly lower.

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