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Instructions for Safe Operation of Dough Fermentation Room

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Professional dough fermentation room, can use called wake of tank fermentation, through the regulation of temperature from room temperature to 40 degrees to realize the management of dough fermentation. Dough fermentation room like tunnel oven and spiral cooling tower in the cake production line can create a relatively ideal temperature and humidity, thus improve the production efficiency, it is out of the from frozen to refrigerate multipurpose to wake box, liberated the baker's schedule, and some also can low temperature fermentation of bread, and the temperature of the more scientific management, rather than empirical original fermentation, more can do a good job in quality control and development work. Now I would like to introduce the principle and function of the dough fermentation room, and the safe operation procedure of the dough fermentation room.

Dough Fermentation Room

Principle of dough fermentation room

According to the fermentation principle and the request carries on the design the electric heating product, it uses the electric heat pipe through the temperature control electric circuit to heat the water in the water tray, causes it to produce the relative humidity and the temperature most suits the fermentation environment, thus enhances the surface food production quality.

The function of the dough fermentation room

The purpose of dough fermentation room is to make the dough reaerate and puff up, so as to obtain the required volume of the finished products, and to make the steamed bread and the finished bread have better edible quality. The dough must be raised and the gas produced again to give it the proper size and volume.

The main factors influencing the quality of steamed bread

1.Temperature of dough fermentation room: the temperature range of wake, general control in 34-36 ℃. Due to the high temperature, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the dough is large, which leads to the uneven rise of the dough. As a result, the finished steamed bread has an inconsistent internal structure, rough external structure and insufficient internal fermentation. Temperature is too low, wake up hair too slow, time is too long, affect the production cycle.

2.Humidity of dough fermentation room: dough fermentation room humidity on the volume of steamed bread, tissue, particle impact is not large, but on the shape of steamed bread, appearance and skin, etc. If the humidity is too low, the water on the surface of the dough evaporates too fast, which is likely to cause dry cracks. Humidity is too large, the surface bubble, bubble shrinkage after steaming, leaving a "fish eye." The humidity of steamed bread is generally controlled at about 75%.

3.Time of dough fermentation room: wake up time is the third important factor to control the wake up stage. Its length is determined according to the temperature, humidity and other relevant factors (such as product type, product ingredients, etc.) of the hair chamber.

Instructions for safe operation of dough fermentation room

1. The machine must be used by a special person.

2. Check whether there is water in the water tank before use, and the used water must cover and exceed the electric heat pipe by at least 5cm.

3.According to the need to adjust the wet and dry wet switch do not operate.

4. The dough fermentation room and control panel shall not be washed with water to keep dry.

5. In order to ensure safety, the grounding wire shall be properly connected and shall be in good condition.

6.The door handle, perspective glass for vulnerable objects, use in case of force, so as not to damage.

7. Clean the equipment after each use, and do a deep cleaning once a week according to the use of the equipment. Do not flush the motor parts with water to prevent damage.

Matters need attention

The stand or fall of awake hair level decides the discretion of finished product quality. Moderately fermented dough, the finished leather is relatively thin, bright color, internal honeycomb uniform, white light and soft; Insufficient fermentation of dough, finished leather deep, internal honeycomb is not uniform, thick film, wine fragrance thin; The result is a dough that is too light, dull and wrinkled, with an uneven honeycomb and a sour taste. Therefore, the degree of fermentation can ensure the quality of finished products.

1. Moderately fermented dough

Finished leather is thin, bright color, internal honeycomb uniform, white light and soft;

2. Unleavened dough

The finished product has deep cortex, uneven internal honeycomb, thick film and light wine aroma.

3.Overleavened dough

Finished color is too light, no luster but wrinkles, internal honeycomb uneven and sour taste.

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