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The Differences between Convection Oven, Deck Oven and Normal Oven

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Rack ovens are one of the most popular cooking tools in every home. Rack - mounted ovens make delicious cookies, stews, pizzas, etc.


A standard regular oven can handle about 12 kilograms of food, which is a good choice for foods like Turkey, but seems too powerful for everyday cooking.

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  • Differences between convection oven and normal oven

  • Deck ovens differ from regular ovens in the following aspects:


Differences between convection oven and normal oven


Convection ovens are smaller than conventional ovens. In fact, most convection ovens can only accommodate medium slow cookers, a loaf of bread or a 12-inch pizza. Of course, convection ovens consume a lot of energy.

Due to its small size, convection ovens heat faster, saving time. Convection ovens can cook a small amount of food and operate much faster than existing ovens.

An internal fan circulates hot air through the convection oven to replace the heating element at the bottom of the traditional oven. To ensure good circulation of hot air, it is recommended to seal the convection oven rather than the existing oven.

Compared with existing ovens, convection ovens are also faster during cooking, so there is no doubt that it can save users time and effort, and can be significantly heated during cooking. ..


Deck ovens differ from regular ovens in the following aspects:


1.Appearance design: the deck oven is more fashionable and elegant, because it is an embedded design, it won't take up too much kitchen space. Common oven moves rise more agile, but can take up certain kitchen space.


2.Capacity: if the family has western-style eating habits and the frequency of using the oven is relatively high, it is recommended to buy a deck oven. Because deck oven tends to have larger capacity than regular ovens, they are more suitable for baking larger foods. The embedded capacity is not only large, but also the food is far away from the heating tube, the heating effect is better, and the baking is more even.


3.Function: the function of the deck oven is more complete. The deck oven has heaters above and below the inner wall, as well as the barbecue grill. Different combinations of heating pipes can be realized, and the heating effect is better. While the ordinary oven can only achieve a simple food baking, many have uneven heat or temperature is not accurate problem. Because embedded oven is the upgrade edition of small oven, so deck oven no matter be exterior go up or function go up, should be better than common oven.


4.Heat dissipation setting: the general heat dissipation of the oven is generally on the left and right sides or at the rear. It should be placed in a ventilated place around when installing the oven and cannot be installed in the cabinet. Deck oven is prefixed commonly come loose heat, can embed in ambry directly, won't produce waste gas to cause damage to ambry.


5.  Price: the deck oven has perfect functions and is more intelligent, so the price is generally higher than the ordinary oven.


The convection oven and the deck oven are the other two regular ovens that we use in our lives. So what kind of oven should you choose when choosing a rack oven?


Here are some differences between convection ovens, deck ovens and regular ovens


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