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The Origin and Main Functions of Tunnel Oven System

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Tunnel oven (food processing) -- -- tunnel type mechanical equipment for food baking through heat conduction, convection and radiation, referred to tunnel oven.

Tunnel Oven

The tunnel oven equipment such as spiral cooling tower in cake production line and biscuit production line is designed and manufactured by the advanced technology of foreign countries. The heating technology of machinery and electrical appliances is manufactured by far infrared heating technology. The heating elements are arranged reasonably and the energy consumption is low. The furnace body is generally very long, the minimum 6 meters, long to 60~80 meters. The baking chamber is a narrow tunnel, generally from 80cm to 140cm wide.

There is a continuous conveyor system in the tunnel. Food baking, food through the conveyor chain plate, steel or mesh belt and the heating element or direct combustion rod between the relative motion. So as to complete the uniform baking and conveying work. This kind of oven can be produced continuously with high production efficiency, saving manpower and stable baking quality. The tunnel oven equipment is mainly used in industrial food enterprises, characterized by continuous or batch baking in large quantities. Normally rated power input >24KW, operated by full-time personnel.

Tunnel oven can provide professional equipment for continuous baking

Tunnel oven equipment is to provide continuity of baking equipment, can cooperate workshop assembly line production, sustainable continuous baking products, can be adjusted according to the needs of different production baking temperature. Transmission speed and baking time, can be independently grouped control oven and wind motor, can improve the production efficiency, large quantity, speed, save manpower. 

The top of the heating area is equipped with air motor, and the middle is lined with thermal insulation cotton. The heat insulation is strong, the heating element layout is reasonable, and the energy consumption is low. Adopt hot air circulation, make up and down temperature more even, ensure product baking quality. Automatic constant temperature, the highest temperature to 400 ℃ is adjustable, tunnel oven mode: net chain, mesh belt conveyor, series of lever, iron Christopher long type, belt type. Heating mode: electric tube heating, quartz tube heating, far infrared radiation heating.

So what problems we should pay attention to in the process of heating tunnel oven?

(1) pay attention to the rise of furnace temperature at any time, and grasp the heating rate in line with the requirements of oven curve;

(2) observe the variation of each masonry position;

(3) check the steel structure;

(4) maintain appropriate furnace pressure;

(5) make oven records;

(6) check water-cooled components.

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