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Two Different Aspects of Bakery Bread and Bread from Bread Production Line

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Nowadays, with the development of bread production line, Compared with bakery bread, bread production line always is cheaper but sometimes it has bad quality. So, how to hold a right view about between bakery bread and bread production line?

Price difference

Handmade bread sells for 3 times or more than bread from bread production line, and an equivalent loaf costs about 25. Hand-made bread insists on the use of superior raw materials, without adding natural fermentation, poured into the baker's mind, is indeed more valuable.Factory bread sells for about 8 yuan per 500 grams, a bargain for a fast-volume factory loaf.

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Efficiency Difference  

Artisanal bread takes 1-2 hours to ferment for the first time, or 2-3 hours or more with pure natural yeast. Some artisanal bakeries even take 24 hours to make a loaf. In today's high-efficiency and fast-paced life, it is rare and full of happiness to calm down and wait for the fermentation of bread.

With the addition of various additives to speed up the fermentation and the help of tunnel oven, spiral cooling tower, dough fermentation room, the factory bread production line efficiency is very fast. After 30 seconds or so of initial fermentation, 1 hour of secondary fermentation, 20 minutes of baking, 1 hour of cooling, and slicing and bagging, the factory bakery production line can be ready for distribution. According to this mechanized production process, about 5 million small meal bags and 1.5 million pieces of toast can be produced every week.

The development of science and technology is to liberate people's hands, no longer spend time on repetitive and meaningless things, but put more energy on thinking and innovation, which is human progress.

For example, regular kneading can cause inevitable repetitive stress injuries to the body, especially the wrists.

The efficiency of the machine or bakery production line is high, We were able to buy speed and efficiency at a very low price.

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