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What Are the Advantages of Bossda Dough Sheeter Machine?

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Dough sheeter such as tabletop dough sheeter and vertical dough sheeter is Mainly used in the production of various breads, cakes, cookies and pastries.There are different kinds of dough presses on the market. Bossda baking equipment co., meanwhile, is a well-known maker of dough platters. This is the advantage of the dough platter made by Bossda.



Here are the content list:


  • Slice method

  • Range of application


Slice method


The test shears are made of imported accessories. The material is excellent. The non-stick surface after hard winding is not easy to scratch. The unique design is immersed in oil and has low noise. Bossda noodle machine is not easy to transport.

The scraper is specially designed, the price of the bread machine is cheap and reasonable, the thinnest can be pressed to 1mm, and the thickness is uniform. It has a folding design to save space and is easy to use.


1.High quality aluminum plate in chamber, all outside in stainless steel 


2.Using intelligent dual display temperature control system, the temperature error is small, the failure rate is low. 


3.Oven door with high temperature door seel, to avoid the phenomenon of leakage, to enhance the oven insulation performance. 


4.Fine technological design, not hurt the hands. 


5.The use of chain drive, to aviod the spring often break.


Range of application:


All crunchy food (eg Dan Dream Crisp, Ms. Cake, etc.). You can cut a small amount of dough. The machine can be used frequently: the noodle machine is suitable for baking, baking, Danish muffins, pastry muffins, apple pies, etc.

Due to its strong and high-quality structure, the noodle machine can be widely used in bakeries, bakeries, restaurants, western restaurants, tea restaurants and snack bars.

The pastry price of the Bossda dough tablet press is reasonable. It can also be used to knead dough.

The machine has the advantages of strong stability, long service life and professional design, so it can best compress the dough. The price of the bread machine is cheap. The thickness is uniform. This work is safe, hygienic, easy to clean and fold.

This machine is a roller selection for seamless steel tubes. It adopts computerized lathes, grinding, hard chrome plating and other processing methods. The surface of the roller is not pasted and is not easy to scratch. The imported roller has no carpet peeling and is wear-resistant.

Bossda noodle presses use imported engine parts to extend their service life. The candy machine is designed to process bread and other confectionery products. The roaster is cheap, you can quickly rotate and adjust the thickness at any time.

It is the standard equipment of three crispy wheat bread production lines, with stable, quiet operation, medium roll distance, vertical design and folding table top. Easy to use; the shell of the candy and candy multi-layer baking machine is cheap and easy to clean and maintain the baking machine.


Guangzhou Bossda Mechanical Equipment Co., LTD. is a professional food machinery manufacturer specializing in research and development , production , marketing and export , which provides vary kinds of food equipment for bakery&restaurant and large unmanned factories .

and large unmanned factories .

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