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What Are the Functions of Dough Fermentation Room?

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Dough fermentation room together with tunnel oven and spiral cooling tower is a important part of cake production line. It is a common commercial kitchen equipment for making western food pastry and bread. Dough fermentation room is a necessary equipment for baking food processing. Fermented bread, the bread is crisp, soft, fragrant, attractive color. But a lot of people don't know about fermentation.

Dough Fermentation Room

What is the principle of fermentation?

The fermentation process of dough fermentation room is mainly the use of yeast life activities produced by the complex changes, so that the dough more soft and elastic, and give the pastry unique flavor. The entire fermentation process of yeast are aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration, the sugar material into carbon dioxide and water, and release some heat.

Dough fermentation room plays an important role

The main factors that affect yeast fermentation are temperature, humidity, nutrition, ph and so on. The dough fermentation room is a commercial kitchen tool designed to control temperature and humidity.

Temperature control

The most suitable temperature of the yeast for 25 to 28 ℃. If it is too low, the yeast slows down and the temperature is too high. This shortens the fermentation time, but it produces other bacteria that make the dough more acidic. Cause the taste of the food to change.

The growth rate of yeast is changed by water. Too much yeast ferments too fast, too little, and the fermentation process is slow. The softness of the dough also determines the speed of fermentation.

What are the applications of the dough fermentation room?

The purpose of the starter box is to allow the dough to expand from its original volume and surface. Pasta products have a good phase, the wake up box needs to be these bread embryos, and the dough to wake up, regenerated gas become more soft, and the size of the appropriate.

Experiments show that the fermented pasta is more nutritious than the non-fermented ones, and the protein is even more than twice as high. The dough after fermentation promotes digestion. After promoting nutrient decomposition pasta fermentation is more conducive to human absorption and digestion. In addition to western food, western food cooking needs, restaurants and some large canteens need this commercial kitchen equipment for fermentation. For example, some places that need to make a lot of pasta, such as the central kitchen, need to process a lot of pastry, then the fermentation type of kitchen equipment, wake up hair box is an essential kitchen equipment!

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