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What Are the Functions of Dough Sheeter?

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Core hint: In mention of dough sheeter machine such as tabletop dough sheeter and vertical dough sheeter, you will think of baking, pastry machine food factory, bread chain used to do pastry kind of equipment, such as egg tart skin, durian cakes, mung bean cakes are made with dough sheeter. All in these places, dough sheeter is an indispensable piece of equipment. 

Dough Sheeter

Dough sheeter is widely used in our daily life. It can be seen frequently in bakeries and factories. But do we really know dough sheeter? What is dough sheeter? What are the functions of dough sheeter? What are the differences between common dough sheeter and Bossda dough sheeter equipment? Today, let’s find out there questions together.

Main function of the dough sheeter machine: through repeated rolling, the dough is made into the flaky and even layers to achieve the effect of softness and evenness.

Dough sheeter uses imported raw materials, strong and durable, electric crisp production process intuitive and reliable, crisp reasonable quotation, high efficiency, easy to use. Non-stick surface, not easy to scratch, fast speed, low noise. 

Thousand layer cake electromechanical voltage: 220 v; 

Shape specification: 2430 * 870 * 1230 mm up; 

Food types: crisp machining for crisp skin, egg tarts, thousand layer cake and pastry making up the cake;

Offer preferential: the vendors would form a complete set of recommendation, which can according to your need to configure some another device, such as refrigerated display cabinet and desktop meringue machine; 

Instructions: unique design, using imported raw materials, durable, intuitive and reliable production process, high efficiency, easy to use. 

Multi-layer baking paint for shell of multi-layer pastry maker, easy to maintain.The machine model is small, compact structure, beautiful appearance, double-sided conveyor belt non-uniform transmission, better effect. Unique oil-immersed design, low noise, sugar pastry machine is not easy to be worn out. Electric pastry machine made by the food is already a comprehensive entry into the market, the price is reasonable, has become a popular food. Dough sheeter pastry machine has a low price.

1.The main function of the dough sheeter machine is to make the dough into the flakest even layers through repeated rolling. It is soft and even effect, professional for the production of pastry, egg tart, pastry, Danish bread and other kinds of pastry food.

2.Performance characteristics: low noise, operation is very safe; Uneasy to wear and tear, extend the service life

3. Application range: it is widely used in food processing plants, supermarkets, bakeries, pastry houses and cake shops

What are the advantages of Bossda dough sheeter?

1.High quality aluminum plate in chamber, all outside in stainless steel 

2.Using intelligent dual display temperature control system, the temperature error is small, the failure rate is low. 

3.Oven door with high temperature door seel, to avoid the phenomenon of leakage, to enhance the oven insulation performance. 

4.Fine technological design, not hurt the hands. 

5.The use of chain drive, to aviod the spring often break.

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