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What Is Dough Sheeter?

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Dough sheeter is widely used in our daily life. It can be seen frequently in bakeries and factories. But do we really know dough sheeter? What is dough sheeter? What are the functions of dough sheeter? Today, let’s find out there questions together. 

Dough Sheeter

The dough sheeter machine which also includes tabletop dough sheeter and vertical dough sheeter is mainly used for making all kinds of bread, cakes, cookies and pastry. The manufacturing process of dough sheeter machine is simple and convenient, with double functions of rolling and stretching. Also known as the open pastry machine.

Danish dough sheeter is mainly used for all kinds of bread, cakes, cookies plastic and all kinds of pastry production. It is simple and convenient to operate in the process of making cake or pressing the dough, and has double functions of rolling and stretching. The baking effect of food processed by this machine is better, and the baked products are good in color, aroma and taste.

Function of dough sheeter machine:

1. Scope of use: pastry, pastry cake, thousand-layer pastry, etc. It can also be used for rolling dough;

2.Oil-immersed design, low noise, not easy to wear, extend the service life;

3.The use of imported components, superior steel, pressure wheel by special treatment, non-stick surface, not easy to scratch;

4. The pressure wheel and scraper are professionally designed to make the face skin as thin as 1mm with even thickness;

5. Folding structure, save space, easy to carry;

Maintenance of dough sheeter machine:

1. No-load test run of the dough sheeter machine equipment after going to work, and start formal work after confirming that the equipment is normal;

2. The rolled dough which is going to be put in the dough sheeter machine should not be too hard (such as frozen dough), and the one-time pressure should not be too thin, otherwise it will affect the working stability and service life of the equipment.

When the dough thickness is above 10mm, the pressure can be adjusted to be about 5mm thinner each time. When the dough thickness is between 5-10mm, it will decrease by about 2mm each time. When the dough thickness is within 5mm, it will decrease by about 1mm each time

3. The conveying platform is not suitable for carrying or discharging heavy objects;

4. After the machine has been running for 40 hours, please tighten the belt and chain again to the proper position to avoid transmission slipping and chain dropping;

5. After the machine runs for 80 hours, please oil the sprocket, chain and other transmission parts, and tighten the screws, nuts and other fasteners to avoid damage to the machine parts;

6.Keep clean and complete, bearing, belt, chain and other transmission parts can not be attached with flour, dust and other foreign matter, so as to avoid burning the bearing or accelerate wear;

7. Please use a cloth to clean the machine before going off work every day, but do not use a water pipe to rinse;

8. If any abnormal sound is found, the machine shall be shut down immediately and maintenance personnel shall be responsible for maintenance.

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