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What Is the Dough Fermentation Room?

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Dough fermentation room is also called the fermentation tank. It is a part of cake production line. Dough fermentation room is mostly made of stainless steel, sealed by the outer frame, movable door, stainless steel bracket, power control switch, water tank and temperature, humidity regulator and other parts. The working principle of the dough fermentation room is that the water in the sink is heated and evaporated by the electric heat pipe, so that the dough can fully ferment and expand under certain temperature and humidity. For example, in the case of bread dough, fermentation is usually carried out after the fermentation chamber is adjusted to the set temperature. Dough fermentation rooms come in many sizes and sizes.

Dough Fermentation Room


1. Simple temperature and humidity setting can provide the most suitable fermentation environment for bread.

2. Computer control panel can set up a 24-hour cycle program, automatic intelligent work without manual guard, easy to complete.

3. All the inside and outside of the dough fermentation room are made of stainless steel, durable and clean.

4. Rapid heating speed, can be completed in the shortest time to wake up the quality of fermented dough readily available.

5. Set up a reasonable hot air and humidity circulation system, so that the temperature and humidity of the whole wake-up box is very even.

Relevant content

1. The purpose of dough fermentation room’s awakening is to make the dough aerate and fluffy again, so as to obtain the volume needed for making the finished bread and to make the finished bread have better edible quality. Because the dough after plastic operation, especially the film pressure, volume discount, after pressing, the dough inside most of the gas to be cast out, gluten also lost the original softness and appear hard, brittle, so if this time immediately into the oven, bread volume is small, internal organization coarse, particles close together, can form a layer of shell and the top. So to make a large volume, good organization of the bread, must make plastic bread after the wake up, from the new generation of gas, soft gluten, to get the appropriate size of the volume.

2.The temperature at dough fermentation room the bread wakes up is generally controlled from 35 to 38 degrees Celsius (except in Denmark). The temperature is too high and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the dough is large enough to cause an uneven awakening of the dough and resulting in an inconsistent texture inside the finished bread product. At the same time, too high a temperature will cause moisture on the surface of the dough to evaporate too much, too fast, resulting in crust formation on the surface.

3.Usually woke up to the humidity of 80-85% or so, the humidity is too high, baked bread color is dark, the skin toughness is too large, appear bubbles, affect the appearance and quality of food, the humidity is too small, the dough is easy to crust, the skin lost elasticity, affect bread into the oven expansion and skin color light, lack of luster, there are many spots. (but 85 percent humidity doesn't get to 100 percent moisture), but rather a feeling of concentration.

4.The general awakening time of dough fermentation room, is to reach 80% to 90% of the finished product, usually 60-90 minutes, wake up excessive, bread internal organization is not good, coarse particles, white skin, taste is not normal (too acidic), storage time reduced, if it is used in the new flour dough volume will shrink in the oven. Wake up hair insufficient, bread volume is small, top form a cover, the skin is reddish brown, the side skin has burnt phenomenon. The correct wake-up time for each type of bread can only be determined by actual testing.

To use the tank, make sure the sink is full of water. Humidity and temperature of dough fermentation room are adjusted relative rather than absolute, so they must be adjusted as the case may be in winter. 

The maintenance

Daily maintenance

1. After use every day, turn off the power, wipe the machine in the dough fermentation room with a dry towel, and keep the machine clean.

2. Check whether all the fans operate normally

3. Check whether the water pipe joint is locked tightly

5.Check whether there is any residual dough in the box after use

Weekly maintenance

1. Clean the residue and dirt in the box, and keep the box odorless

2. Whether there is water incorporation in the bottom of the machine

3. Check the drainage system of the machine to ensure smooth operation

4.Remove dirt from the condenser

Monthly maintenance

1. Check whether the compressor runs normally

2. Open the water tank and clean the scale in the water tank

3. Clean Y type silk filter

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