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What's Spiral Cooling Tower?

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Spiral cooling tower is one of main parts of the cake production line, bread production line, biscuit production line, cookie production line and bakery production line. It cools down the temperature of production in a short time. So, what is spiral cooling tower? And its types and advantages? How to keep spiral cooling tower in good repair?

Spiral cooling tower

What is definition of spiral cooling tower? 

Before understanding the characteristic of spiral cooling tower, make clear this problem first. By definition, it is a device that uses water as a circulating coolant to absorb heat from a system and release it into the atmosphere, thereby lowering the temperature of the water. Although the working principle of this device looks be like simple, but the device is actually combines aerodynamics, biochemistry, dynamic and static structural mechanics and material science is a body's comprehensive product and so on technology, at the time of research and development design is not always as easy as imagined, through research and development personnel of research and development, have a mature products for industry use today.

Features of Spiral Cooling Tower:

Spiral cooling tower features are obvious: first, it is a safe and reliable device. For the industry, the use of any kind of equipment should first consider security issues, otherwise it is not only for the industry is not responsible, but also the staff will be affected. 

From the structure, the spiral cooling tower has a unique design concept, the external turbine is installed in the cooling tower outside the air duct, the purpose is to be more convenient in the maintenance. Other parts of the structure and traditional equipment is the same, such as motor and reducer. In different places, the electrical and mechanical noise and failure rate of the traditional cooling tower are eliminated. In the use process, the stability of the equipment is increased, and there is no longer so much noise.

Classification of spiral cooling tower:

Roller screw conveyor, mesh belt screw cooling tower, chain plate screw conveyor, flexible chain screw conveyor, etc

Advantages of spiral cooling tower:

Small area, simple and reasonable structure. Small power consumption, small groove wear maintenance convenient cooling efficiency, smooth transmission, less noise, low energy consumption, maintenance simple, fast and safe.


Spiral cooling tower, used for cooling Hamburg, French small bread, caterpillar, bread and other large production, cooling time longer varieties, using stainless steel spiral cooling conveyor belt, PLC intelligent control. In the same function, the change of structure brings about the change of cost, and finally brings the change of profit, which makes the small and medium-sized food factory affordable.

How to keep spiral cooling tower in good repair?

1. Clean the health of the spiral cooling tower frequently to ensure its cleanliness and tidiness. Because of dust, it will not only affect the appearance of the equipment, but also affect the normal operation if dust accumulates for a long time.

2. Since the spiral cooling tower has a large loss during operation and is assembled with many small parts, it is necessary to frequently check whether these parts become loose, fall off or damaged during use. After these conditions occur, it is necessary to tighten or replace the parts.

3.The spiral cooling tower shall be inspected regularly within three to six months. If there is any internal problem, it shall be repaired by professional technicians.

4. The operator should be in the process of professional operation training, can work, for no training personnel, must put an end to their work, so as not to cause accidents due to improper operation.

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