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What's Tunnel Oven?

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Tunnel oven is a significant part of cake production line. If we want to select and buy a suitable cake production line, having a grounding understanding of tunnel oven is necessary. 

What is tunnel oven? What are the characters and types of tunnel oven? What are the differences between Bossda tunnel oven and common tunnel oven?

tunnel oven

What is tunnel oven?

Tunnel oven (food processing category) is through the heat conduction, convection, radiation completed food baking tunnel mechanical equipment. The furnace body is generally very long, the minimum 6 meters, long to 60~80 meters. The baking chamber is a narrow tunnel, generally from 80cm to 140cm wide. There is a continuous conveyor system in the tunnel. Food baking, food through the conveyor chain plate, steel or mesh belt and the heating element or direct combustion rod between the relative motion. So as to complete the uniform baking and conveying work. This kind of oven can be produced continuously with high production efficiency, saving manpower and stable baking quality. The tunnel oven is mainly used in industrial food enterprises, characterized by continuous or batch baking in large quantities. Normally rated power input >24KW, operated by full-time personnel.


Press heat source to differ commonly, have electric heat tunnel oven, burning gas tunnel oven or natural gas tunnel oven to wait. The manufacturer can customize the length and width at will according to the production capacity of tunnel oven users. Scope of use: bread (staple bread, conditioned bread, etc.), cake, biscuit, pastry, egg yolk pie, moon cake, etc. The tunnel oven is a large equipment for continuous baking and can be equipped with cake production line, bread production line, biscuit production line, cookie production line and bakery production line. It is characterized by high production efficiency, labor saving and stable baking quality.

According to different baking time requirements of various products, PLC intelligent control system can be used to implement intelligent control. Transmission frequency control, can achieve stepless speed. And can store more than 15 sets of parameters, to achieve automatic operation.


The tunnel oven can also be divided into many types according to different classification standards:

1. Classified by channel

Single - channel tunnel oven and multi - channel tunnel oven.

2. Classified by whether the flame enters the tunnel or not

Open flame tunnel oven, isolated flame tunnel oven and semi-isolated flame tunnel oven.

3. Classified by the transportation equipment in the kiln

Car type tunnel oven, push plate tunnel oven, roller bottom tunnel oven, conveyor belt tunnel oven, walking tunnel kiln, air cushion tunnel oven.

4. Classified by the burning temperature points

Low temperature tunnel oven, medium temperature tunnel oven, high temperature tunnel kiln, ultra-high temperature tunnel oven.

5. Classified by burnt varieties

Refractory tunnel oven, ceramic tunnel oven, red brick tunnel oven.

6.Classified by heat source

Flame tunnel oven, electric tunnel oven.

What’s the differences between Bossda tunnel oven and other common tunnel oven?

1.High quality aluminum plate in chamber, all outside in stainless steel.

2.Using intelligent dual display temperature control system, the temperature error is small, the failure rate is low. 

3.Oven door with high temperature door seel, to avoid the phenomenon of leakage, to enhance the oven insulation performance. 

4.Fine technological design, not hurt the hands. 

5.The use of chain drive, to aviod the spring often break.

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