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Why Choose Food Baking Tunnel Oven?

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When baking all kinds of bread, dim sum, cake, moon cake, toast, hamburger, French bar, moon cake and other products, people must choose suitable bakery products. Bossda bakery equipment company will tell you why you need to choose food baking tunnel oven from the performance and advantages of food tunnel oven equipment.

Tunnel Oven

Performance of food tunnel oven in bakery and factory:

1.Tunnel oven is to provide continuous baking of large professional equipment. Suitable for automatic production of food, and more single product manufacturers, production capacity, speed, saving manpower, can be equipped with assembly line operations; high efficiency, stable quality, uniform color and saving manpower.

2. The special design solves the problem of high temperature on both sides of the traditional tunnel oven equipment and low temperature in the middle. The upper and lower fire separately control the temperature, the baking quality is stable, the baking speed can be adjusted according to the different baking time of the product, the implementation of full intelligent control, realize automation;

3. The use of German technology does not embroider steel mesh chain, to solve the thermal expansion caused by the bad phenomenon of off,  energy saving more than 25%, make baking more uniform.

Advantages of food tunnel oven:

1. Imported and exported stainless steel 201#, aluminum plate inside, other color steel plate, thickness of all 1.2mm, clean and sanitary.

2. The man-machine interface of the console or the temperature meter imported from Taiwan controls the temperature. The temperature is accurate and the performance is good.

3. Key electrical components are imported brands with long life and low failure rate.

4.Transmission part of the imported inverter speed, high temperature resistance and high strength chain, good stability, durable.

5. Inlet end: roller transmission, belt drive, no need to push and pull the product by hand, the speed can be adjusted from 0.3m to 1.6m per minute

6. Advanced combustion system, non-traditional combustion mode, high combustion efficiency, high thermal power, long life.

Food is food such as bread, toast baking tunnel oven equipment is good mechanical like spiral cooling tower, but not every one has the advantages of the above food tunnel oven. Bossda machinery to focus on food production, food rotary furnace, tunnel oven chamber oven, on the market the latest food baking equipment manufacturer, satisfied with any of your needs on ovens in cake production line or biscuit production line.

Guangzhou Bossda Mechanical Equipment Co., LTD. is a professional food machinery manufacturer specializing in research and development , production , marketing and export , which provides vary kinds of food equipment for bakery&restaurant and large unmanned factories .

The head office was established in Guangzhou and mainly produces various types of luxury ovens, mixers, dough sheeter, dough moulder, dough divider, slicers, and proofer, ect. We have been dedicated to food machinery industry for more than 20 years,and has an experienced and skilled R&D engineering team, which provides a strong guarantee for the innovation, quality and after-sales of the products.

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