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Why You Need to Choose Dough Sheeter with Automatic Flour Duster?

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There are different kinds of dough sheeters in the market such as tabletop dough sheeter and vertical dough sheeter and automatic flour duster. Automatic flour duster, as it shows, can clear its dust automatically. How important this function is? Let's find it out today.

Dough Sheeter

Let's talk about dust first. Dust is caused by things with actions. It is suspended in the air particles, dust from industrial emissions, combustion dust, soil dust and so on. Dust is the enemy of human health, so people hate it, dust with a lot of bacteria and viruses flying everywhere, disease is also spreading in the air.

Dust can be roughly divided into two types according to particle sizes: 1. Stive Dust is a kind of dust that is produced and dispersed into the air due to object crushing. 2. Condensation of solid smoke. Condensed solid smoke is formed in the process of combustion, sublimation, evaporation and condensation. The particle size is generally 0.1 m to 1 m. It is different from dust, cohesion is very big, mostly in the melting process of metal materials formed in the gas, cooling in the air, condensation into solid smoke, particle shape is relatively regular.

Industry dust, fine dust can make workers suffer from a variety of difficult to cure occupational diseases, too much dust will also cause environmental pollution, affect people's normal life and work, induce human respiratory diseases.

Dust does great harm to computers. Excessive dust may block the CPU fan, causing the fan to stop running, causing the CPU to overheat and burn down, affecting the contact between boards and cards, and possibly causing corrosion of the circuit board.

The range of application of dough sheeter:

All crisp products (such as: Dan dream crisp, wife cake, etc.). A small amount of dough can be crushed by dough sheeter. This machine is suitable for making pastry, Danish cakes, pastry cakes, apple pie, etc.

With high quality and firm structure, dough sheeter can be widely used in bakery, bakery, snack shop, western restaurant, tea restaurant and snack food factory.

So, to keep the dough sheeter clean and effective, timely clean of dust is necessary. And under such condition, a dough sheeter machine with automatic flour duster becomes necessary.

And how to keep the maintenance of dough sheeter machine?

1. No-load test run of the dough sheeter machine equipment after going to work, and start formal work after confirming that the equipment is normal;

2. The rolled dough which is going to be put in the dough sheeter machine should not be too hard (such as frozen dough), and the one-time pressure should not be too thin, otherwise it will affect the working stability and service life of the equipment.

When the dough thickness is above 10mm, the pressure can be adjusted to be about 5mm thinner each time. When the dough thickness is between 5-10mm, it will decrease by about 2mm each time. When the dough thickness is within 5mm, it will decrease by about 1mm each time

3. The conveying platform is not suitable for carrying or discharging heavy objects;

4. After the dough sheeter machine has been running for 40 hours, please tighten the belt and chain again to the proper position to avoid transmission slipping and chain dropping;

5. After the machine runs for 80 hours, please oil the sprocket, chain and other transmission parts, and tighten the screws, nuts and other fasteners to avoid damage to the machine parts;

6.Keep clean and complete, bearing, belt, chain and other transmission parts can not be attached with flour, dust and other foreign matter, so as to avoid burning the bearing or accelerate wear;

7. Please use a cloth to clean the machine before going off work every day, but do not use a water pipe to rinse;

8. If any abnormal sound is found, the machine shall be shut down immediately and maintenance personnel shall be responsible for maintenance.

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