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Working Principle of Tunnel Oven and Matters Needing Mention

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Tunnel oven is widely used in bakeries and factories. And today we are going to get to know the working principle of tunnel oven. The working principle of tunnel oven (drying line, tunnel drying line of the king equipment, a part of cake production line, biscuit production line like spiral cooling tower) is generally to use far infrared to heat the furnace, and then the inner is made of ceramics and stainless steel, so that the infrared ray can shine into every corner of the tunnel oven equipment, and then uniform heating, the energy will be transmitted to the object.

Tunnel Oven

Tunnel ovens equipment made from Bossda company is designed and manufactured with foreign advanced technology, and the high-frequency infrared carbon and sulfur analyzer has advanced structure, simple disassembly and assembly, and beautiful appearance. High technology heat preservation material has good heat insulation performance and strong heat preservation, the heating technology adopts far infrared heating technology, the heating element layout is reasonable, and the energy consumption is low. 

The internal hot air circulation makes the upper and lower temperature in the oven more even, without any holes, ensuring the quality of the oven products. Energy saving tunnel oven equipment used precise temperature control system, using PID microcomputer control, the internal heating area has three, indirect drying, through the tunnel oven equipment heating drying product moisture content is low.

Precautions and maintenance

1) The continuous tunnel oven may have a little peculiar smell or white smoke when it is used for the first time, because of it is a new product, the electric furnace will disappear automatically after baking for a period of time, without affecting the performance of the machine.

2) Continuous tunnel oven should be installed with exhaust pipe to lead to the outdoor environment as required.

3) Do not place anything on the top of the continuous tunnel oven cover to avoid affecting the performance of the machine.

4)Close heating switch of continuous tunnel after use,  let the fuselage continue to natural cooling, in order to prolong the life of heating wire, about the temperature drops to 100 ℃ and then shut down the power supply.

5) The continuous tunnel oven shall be cleaned at least once a week to ensure good operation of the electric furnace and maintain good quality.

6) The electrical switchboard shall be cleaned once a month and check whether the fixing screws are loose.

7) Ventilation holes behind continuous tunnel oven should be cleaned to facilitate ventilation and drainage.

8) Idle and power supply shall be isolated and shut down during maintenance.

9) Check whether the thermoelectric furnace is normal.

10) Check whether the grounding wire falls off.

11) Check whether the temperature induction wire falls off.

12) Ensure the connection between the exhaust nozzle of the control box and the outdoor is firm, so as to avoid dust pollution in the control box and dust free room, affecting the normal temperature of the control box and leading to early damage of electrical parts.

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