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  • Two Different Aspects of Bakery Bread and Bread from Bread Production Line

    Nowadays, with the development of cake production line,Compared with bakery bread, cake production line always is cheaper but sometimes it has bad quality. So, how to hold a right view about between bakery bread and bread production line?Price differenceHandmade bread sells for 3 times or more than

  • Instructions for Safe Operation of Dough Fermentation Room

    Professional dough fermentation room, can use called wake of tank fermentation, through the regulation of temperature from room temperature to 40 degrees or so, to realize the management of dough fermentation. Dough fermentation room like tunnel oven and spiral cooling tower in the cake production line can create a relatively ideal temperature and humidity, thus improve the production efficiency, it is out of the from frozen to refrigerate multipurpose to wake box, liberated the baker's schedule, and some also can low temperature fermentation of bread, and the temperature of the more scientific management, rather than empirical original fermentation, more can do a good job in quality control and development work.

  • Get to Know Fermentation Process of Dough Fermentation Room

    Dough fermentation room plays an important role in the making process of bread, biscuit and cake of cake production line. Like spiral cooling tower and rack oven, all of them requires different using skills. So, before using the dough fermentation room, you need to know fermentation process of dough fermentation room?

  • What Are the Functions of Dough Fermentation Room?

    Dough fermentation room together with tunnel oven and spiral cooling tower is a important part of cake production line. It is a common commercial kitchen equipment for making western food pastry and bread. Dough fermentation room is a necessary equipment for baking food processing.

  • What Is the Dough Fermentation Room?

    Dough fermentation room is also called the fermentation tank. It is a part of cake production line. Dough fermentation room is mostly made of stainless steel, sealed by the outer frame, movable door, stainless steel bracket, power control switch, water tank and temperature, humidity regulator and other parts. The working principle of the dough fermentation room is that the water in the sink is heated and evaporated by the electric heat pipe, so that the dough can fully ferment and expand under certain temperature and humidity.

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