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If you want to know more about the Tunnel Oven, the following articles will give you some help. These news is the latest market situation, trend in development, or related tips of the Tunnel Oven industry. More news about Tunnel Oven, are being released. Follow us / contact us for more Tunnel Oven information!
  • Two Different Aspects of Bakery Bread and Bread from Bread Production Line

    Nowadays, with the development of cake production line,Compared with bakery bread, cake production line always is cheaper but sometimes it has bad quality. So, how to hold a right view about between bakery bread and bread production line?Price differenceHandmade bread sells for 3 times or more than

  • What Is the Heating Mode of Tunnel Oven?

    We can always see tunnel oven in cake production line and biscuit production line in bakery and factory. Hot air circulation is a common heating method of tunnel oven at present. It uses the principle of convection conduction to heat the oven to achieve the drying and curing of the work-piece.

  • Working Principle of Tunnel Oven and Matters Needing Mention

    Tunnel oven is widely used in bakeries and factories. And today we are going to get to know the working principle of tunnel oven. The working principle of tunnel oven (drying line, tunnel drying line of the king equipment, a part of cake production line, biscuit production line like spiral cooling tower) is generally to use far infrared to heat the furnace, and then the inner is made of ceramics and stainless steel, so that the infrared ray can shine into every corner of the tunnel oven equipment, and then uniform heating, the energy will be transmitted to the object.

  • The Advantages and Application of Energy - Saving Tunnel Oven

    Tunnel oven is widely used in bakeries and factories. It is an important part of cake production line, biscuit production line like spiral cooling tower. Current tunnel oven energy consumption has already reached a certain level, from a purely had appeared in the heating mode to improve the bottleneck, in other words on the domestic market at present the tunnel oven energy consumption on the same kind of heating mode is not tactically, basically stood on the same starting line, so the competition is already beyond the technical level, mainly on the cost of mesh belt tunnel oven.

  • Why Choose Food Baking Tunnel Oven?

    When baking all kinds of bread, dim sum, cake, moon cake, toast, hamburger, French bar, moon cake and other products, people must choose suitable bakery products. Bossda bakery equipment company will tell you why you need to choose food baking tunnel oven from the performance and advantages of food tunnel oven equipment.

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